I know this page is normally used to give my story with more details, showing my challenges, wins and losses, successes and failures, lessons learned, etc.

Sometimes, this page is about what I can do for you, how can I help you, maybe showing my vulnerable side, pictures from college, etc.

At times, both approaches are used.

Maybe I will write it that way some day.

For now, the following text is written in a somewhat romantic view, done by a third-party, for different tastes and flavors ...

Filip Dedi is an intuitive business, career, and private consultant born in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Dubrovnik.

He studied for a degree in Economics in Zagreb, Croatia and also Music in Graz, Austria, before going on to have a successful career in international business, network marketing, and eventually an investment company. Now, working for himself, he lives in Zagreb, Croatia, with his dogs.

Dedi is also an accomplished author and has self-published several titles, including Self Mechanics 101, Applied Self Mechanics, and Mentalna ogledala.

His latest book is called The Impact of Inner Works: Helping You to Flourish In Business, Career, and Private Life. Its purpose is to make your life better, unlock your problems and help you to understand what has held you back for so long.

Dedi’s commitment and ability to help others was recently expressed by one of his clients who wrote:

"My session with Dedi was profound. First of all, Dedi gets right to the meat of any issue you have going on in your energy field so he won’t waste any of your time, which I really appreciated. He’s here to help you clear away the crap, and replace it with much better things, not to hand-hold or counsel you. Yet he does have a warm, kind presence."

When he has time to relax, Dedi likes to walk his dogs, enjoys a beer or two with friends and plays pool and billiards. He also loves reading and does creative carpentry work when he gets the chance.

His main ambition in life is to live a rich and abundant life by helping others with his talents -- and to still remain as anonymous as possible.

You can contact Dedi on his www.filipdedi.com web site.